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  • Ahlin’s Saimdang Mineral Herb Rinse Conditioner

    Sold By: Beauficial

    A good day mineral herb care conditioner.

    Benefits and Uses:

    • Dandruff Care
    • Skin Moisturizing
    • Forms a moisture layer
    • Voluminous hair
    • Strengthening of hair
    • Soft hair texture

    What is the Bentonite Ingredient?

    Bentonite is a clay mineral ingredient created 30 million years ago when volcanic ash that has fallen into sea interacted with salty water. It has a microcrystalline structure in the nano level containing over 60 minerals. It has properties of cation exchange, adsorption, moisturization and swelling.

    Over 60 natural minerals?

    Minerals cannot be synthesized by the human body but help to maintain body balance and keep body homeostasis. Over 60 natural minerals contained in bentonite such as silicon, potassium, magnesium, and zinc play a role of supplying nutrients to the scalp.

  • Ahlin’s Saimdang Mineral Herbal Shampoo

    Sold By: Beauficial

    Ahlin’s saimdang mineral herb shampoo is a great shampoo for daily use.

    Benefits of using Ahlin’s saimdang mineral herb shampoo includes:

    1: Hair Care and Moisturization: Ahlin’s samidang mineral herb shampoo prevents hair from damage of splitting or cutting as its gel-state bentonite thinly wraps hair. It moisturizes damaged dry hair by keeping it moist and calm all day long.

    2: Hair Loss Prevention: Ahlin’s samidang mineral herb shampoo prevents hair loss by making rough and damaged scalp and follicles healthy. When skin waste gets clogged and accumulates on the scalp, hair follicles weaken which leads to hair loss.

    3: Scalp Clinic: Ahlin’s samidang mineral herb shampoo helps thoroughly¬† cleanse dust and residue of styling products with bentonite

    4: Nutrient Supply: Ahlin’s samidang mineral herb shampoo transforms your hair to become healthy and beautiful as over 60 minerals supply nutrients deep inside the hair.

    5: Ahlin’s samidang mineral herb shampoo helps make irritated scalps comfortable and healthy with its Korean medicinal herbal ingredients.


    BENTONITE (Approved by the US FDA): Makes the hair healthy and beautiful as its rich minerals supply nutrients

    HYDROLYZED SOY PROTEIN: Helps strengthen hair by forming a natural film

    HYDROLYZED KERATIN: Makes scalp healthy by supplying moisture and increasing the density of cells.

    PANTHENOL: Provitamin B5. This ingredient makes damaged hair softer and more elastic.

    RED GINSENG: Makes a rough and damaged scalp glossy and healthy while preventing  hair loss and dandruff

    SWERTIA JAPONICA: Has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacteria effects for scalps and helps promote hair growth

    LICORICE: Soothes inflammation and troubles on irritated scalps.

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