Make Korean Beauty Your Business

Become an Independent Sales Representative with Beauficial and help bring K-Beauty into your neighborhood

K-Beauty Skincare Expert

Become a Korean beauty skincare expert when you get to know more about Korean beauty products, ingredients and skincare routine. Have fun sharing your skills with friends and make extra money on the side.

Benefits of K-Beauty

With it's focus on use of natural ingredients, Korean beauty has a wide range of benefits which includes from anti-aging to working on hyperpigmentation, acne scars, improving skin tones, hydration and moisturizing of the skin all the way to the deepest layers and affordability. As an independent representative, you can easily help your family and friends have access to a wide range of Korean beauty products that is good for their skin.

Think Big and Earn Big

Earn up to 45% commission as a sales representative with lots of free products. No experience is needed. You can also earn through our lifetime commission opportunity from any customer.

Create a Local Community

Asa new Korean beauty direct selling platform, you can easily create a community of K-beauty, natural skincare, haircare members within your country and neighborhood. Be part of the growth of natural and eco-friendly health and beauty products in your community.

How to Join

Register with any of the packages and receive starter kits to help you test the products, share with friends and get to know more about Korean beauty.

Starter Package - $50

Contains products worth more than $250

Advanced Starter Package

Contains products worth more than $350

Premium Starter Package

Contains products worth more than $500
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